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July 2021: July 24th: presentation for POY Asia obout the Widows of Rawagede

July 2021: Lain Sayang Lain, four generations of  Moluccans in The Netherlands, photo exhibition together with writer Sylvia Pessireron, from July 24th  until September 5th and in the weekend of  open monumentsday, 11 and 12  September: Museum Nationaal Monument Kamp Vught:

January 2021: exhibiton: Bronbeek in times of Covid 19, I stayed in nursing house Bronbeek, where veterans of war in the Dutch East Indiës live, during times over COVID 19. Colonial museum Bronbeek exhibits my work in their garden. Free entrance: 
January 2021 - July 2022. 

October 2019: 31 oktober presentation of the book That one dilemma, personal stories about moral dilemmas at the work floor. I made the portraits commissioned by ARQ kenniscentrum Oorlog, Vervolging en Geweld en het Veteraneninstituut. 

August 2019: 3 augustus: presentation about storytelling for the summerschool of  The Dutch Photomuseum; how the images of Ed van der Elsken inspired me. 

May 2019: Presentation of the Indonesian cookbook `Smaak van De Sawa`  with my photographs. 

March 2019: 2 maart t/m 6 mei 2019: Exhibition Indo, Indië, Indonesië, seen through the eyes of Generation NOW
Het Nutshuis, Den Haag. 

May 2018: presentation of my photobook: `The Widows of  Rawagede, witnesses of the decolonization war`
Uitgeverij: Amsterdam University Press. 
Television Reportage NPO 2, 2 september 2017 19.03 - 19.54: `The police actions, a better word for war`, with a short interview with me, shot among my portraits in the exhibition `De Weduwen`. 

1 April - 1 September 2017: solo exhibition `The Widows` in the National Militairy Museum in Soesterberg

December 2016: Publication in the magazine `Onderzoek Uitgelicht` by Nationaal Comité 4 and 5 mei, The Widows of Rawagede and Sulawesi (cover). 

22 November 2016: publication in NRC Handelsblad, photo`s of the widows of Rawagede and Sulawesi. 

October 2016: `Volem Pensions Dignes`, (film 18 min.) about Spanish widows protesting during 15 years very month to achieve better widowpensions for all Spanish widows. In cooperation with filmer/photographer Marjoleine Droog. Based on visits to the widows between 2011 and 2016. Presentation of the film to the widows in Barcelona at the 15th vanniversary of the protests: Oktober 25th, 2016.  

October 2016: book Renbaan Duindigt Wassenaar, a photobook by Suzanne Liem commissioned  by Arie van Bellen, member of the boadr of Renbaan Duindigt.  

Augustus 2016: interview with Indië veteran de heer De Looff: videoproduction (20 min.) in cooperation with filmer/photographer Marjoleine Droog. 

April 2016: Het Vrijheidsboek by Nationaal Comité 4 and 5 mei, by Esther Captain and Maarten Dallinga, with portraits by Suzanne Liem.

Oktober 2015: journey to Sulawesi and Java making portraits and interviews with Widows of Sulwesi and Java.

April 2015: magazine `De Doden tellen`  by Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei: Renske Krimp, portraits Suzanne Liem  

10 - 12 december 2014: solo-exhibition `The Widows of  Rawagede and mister Saih` in museum Volkenkunde in Leiden (in cooperation with the Koninklijk Instutuut voor Taal, land en Volkenkunde KITLV, on the occasion of their seminar about Rawagede). 

April 2013 - 2016: shooting of the film `De Vlaggenisten van Delft`. Work in progress.

Juli 2012: publication NRC Next (coverstory) about a in Italië, text by Eefje Blankevoort of Prospektor. 

2011 -  : potraits for magazine `Onderzoek Uitgelicht` by Nationaal Comité 4 and 5 mei.


- Exhibition Kermis in de Kunstkop, together with René Jacobs. Vernissage Sunday April 21rst, from 2 p.m. . Exhibition until May 11th. Nieuwe Langendijk 10, Delft.


- Juror of the NCRV Photography Award 2012, together with t.v. presenter Joris Linssen, radio D.J. Sander Guis and photographer Rogier Veldman.


- June 2012, Photographer of the month at the website of Bousie Lawyers in Amsterdam:


- April 9th 2012: Indomania 4: showing of my work of Rawagede at a manifestation in Amsterdam.


- October 6th - November 3rd 2011: `Alzheimer`s disease`, DOK Delft, Vesteplein 100, group-exhibition with 3 of my photographs. Book available (free: promotion for the awareness of Alzheimer`s disease).


- Juror of the NCRV Photography Award 2011, together with presenter Jacobine Geel and Radio D.J. Sander Guis.


- August 23rd 2010, three pages in national Newspaper Trouw: photographs of and interviews with `the widows of Rawagede` and mister Saih.


- May 28th 2010: introduction of the book `Mix, jongeren in Nederland` about children from parents of different cultures.

Mei Li Vos and Ramsey Nasr will receive the first issues at the University of Amsterdam at h13.00.

A project of Forum; instituut voor multculturele vraagstukken. Photographers: Suzanne Liem, Ting Chan, Koos Breukel, Morad Bouchakour, Venus Veldhoen. My series: Obama Kids, about children with one parent with a light skin and one parent with a dark skin, `Just like Obama`.


- January 2010: Series at de Achterpagina of NRC Handelsblad `Brothers and Sisters`.


- Summer 2009: Blue houses near the Train-station of Delft; Black and White portraits of (ex)-inhabitants of the

Van Leeuwenhoeksingel who must move out because of the building of a traintunnel. A project together with photographer Frank Diemel, of Plaatwerk Fotografen .


- July 2008 - ... Exhibition Van Waay & Soetekouw, Markt 17 Delft

VW&S will show 5 large photo` s from my collection, chosen in cooperation with Gert Batenburg , owner of VW&S, and his team.

Van Waay & Soetekouw: The place to be for Italian design furniture in The Netherlands,


- March 4th - March 8th: Workshop Magnum in Oslo with David Alan Harvey.


- Permanently: mega-presentation project `Gouwe Kinderen` in Rotterdam Oud

Charlois, (Gouw kids in the Gouwstraat).


- December 2006 - January 2007: exhibition `Meme` in the Slotervaart

Verpleeghuis Amsterdam. This exhibition was opened by mrs. Gerdi Verbeet,

the President of the Dutch Parliament.


- November 2006 Nominee for the 16th Award of `The Photographers Association of the Netherlands` (PANL) 2007.


- Noorderlicht International Photo Festival 2006, Leeuwarden The Netherlands,

10 September t/m 29 Oktober 2006.


- Indomania: Exhibition in Galerie Serieuze Zaken Studioos of Rob Malasch

From 23 September untill 15 November 2006

With: Peter van Dongen, Claude Vanheye, Willy Jolly, Suzanne Liem, San Ming, Maurice Boyer, Andy Tan.


- Group-exhibition Sotheby`s Amsterdam, May 31st - June 7th 2006